A Better Europe

Let’s learn from this tragic misadventure! Let’s put all our suffering to good use!

We will build the ideal country, taking the best from everyone; we will make our masterpiece, just as Napoleon achieved his triumph of military mastery at Waterloo, the momentous June, the eighth of the fifteenth eighteen.
We will stab every social injustice in the back, with the courage of an Irish terrorist; we will have moral qualities, spiritual qualities, and material goods, there will be plenty for everyone as in a beautiful communist fairy tale. Utopia is born here, drawing from the common and immense cultural wellspring from which we flow: Greek-Roman, Celtic-German, Judeo-Christian, Arab-Gascon roots and cabbages.       
We will operate onwards with Italian reliability, in the bright penumbra of a concord Anglo-French modesty, and in an efficient and harmonious Hispano-Portuguese organization.      
We will all become rich with Greek prudence, Swiss generosity and Austrian flexibility.
We will study with Albanian-Kosovar precision, Romanian accuracy, Macedonian innovation. And we will be sophisticated as Norwegians, passionate as the Danes, significant as the Belgians or the Dutch, in short, unique like the Croats… or those others around there.       
And no, we will not be silenced anymore! With Scottish tact and Teutonic candor, we will have our say, with the authority of a Swede man, and we will shout it out clearly, understandable as a Maltese.   
In the end, we will all love each other, we will love each other with Icelandic warmth, in the elegant sociality of a Welsh soccer fan’s pub on a Sunday, all always sober and sensible as winter Finns and reasonable as Poles stuck in a sumptuous Ukrainian feast.    
This is how we will impart our lesson of civilization to the whole world; and where we will not arrive with our own strength, we will draw from elsewhere, always learning from the best.   
We will not leave anyone behind, as it happens in the compassionate society of America, where justice already reigns; we will perfect our moral qualities, imitating not only its necessary Puritans, but also our dearest and mild tempered Mexicans, becoming at the end as honest as Russian and as sincere as Chinese, or vice versa.
In a strong nationalized, Venezuelan-Bolivian economy, we will print precious Argentine currency galore, and every evil will be defeated; also physical ones, especially by applying the strict Indian hygiene rules, down in the sacred lavatories of the Ganges, from where we will also adopt the tetragonal indisputability of their employees and bureaucrats.    
We will work with tireless Jamaican industriousness and mighty Cypriot efforts, defending the fruit of our sweat with Costa Rican belligerence.
Shall we endure? We will endure with Australian patience! No, New Zealander patience! Shall we resist? We will persistently do so with the strenuous stubbornness of the Flanders, and we will oppose the stern defense of the mighty Liechtenstein. Shall we prevail? We will prevail as Vietnamese! Shall we warm up? Canada!  
Modernity above all, as in Prague! We will defend the rights of women with Japanese feminism, those of gays with Bulgarian sensibility and the Saudi penal system, enrolling the competent and witty judges of acute Bangladesh. Nigerian immigration!
Everything will work like a perfect Taiwanese clock, the Cairo traffic, the Iranian political system. In placid Syrian tranquility, we will enjoy the virile Turkish sexual customs, and with indomitable Filipino pride, we will cry out our mighty motto, free and independent like the Baltic: this is the country I dream of! This is the world I dream of!

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