A zen story: the Master and the Scorpion

A zen master, being an idiot, saw a drowning scorpion and decided to help it.

When he tried to take it out of the water, using just his fingers, the scorpion, of course, stung him. Because of the pain, the idiot master let it fall where it was, and it began to drown again.

The idiot master didn’t give up and again tried to grab it, to make it safe, but again the scorpion stung him.

A retarded disciple, before the scene, did not understand immediately that the monk was simply an idiot, but asked him the cause of his obstinacy.

The idiot master replied: “the nature of the scorpion is to sting, but this will not change mine, which is to help”.

Finally, the idiot master came to success without being stung, simply with the help of a leaf.

“You must not change the nature you received, in response to the evil, just be careful”, he pronounced with the look of a witty primate.

Not even the retarded disciple noticed that within a few steps a child was playing happily; before getting killed the scorpion stung the boy three times, fortunately “only” causing a permanent necrosis of three fingers of his right hand.

Of course they didn’t notice either that there was a fish, looking from under the water, and waiting for the scorpion to stop moving in order to eat it. The fish wasn’t helped, but in return he ended up dying shortly thereafter, thus exploding in a wave of incalculable aid to various: bacteria, animals, vegetables, with its waxes, acids, proteins and fats.

In all this frenzied mess, the idiot master did not stop his silly teachings to his retarded disciple: “often you will meet ungrateful people, but this is no reason for you to give up love and compassion that are in you.” Well: it would be too simple to choose to help someone else instead of a scorpion! …Or even someone else removing the scorpion…

And again: “for someone happiness is achieved by giving it to others.” …Yes! To anyone, even those who suck more happiness than you, you idiot can be able to give.

O: “be concerned only with your conscience, and not with what people think of you, your consciousness is what you really are, reputation is what others think you are.” In his case an idiot zen master!

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