ABSURDITIES Chapter I: Younger generations

Today’s generations have no more desire to do anything! It’s a bunch of degenerates and weaklings, they are like fucking punkhippies, how to call them!?

The other day I saw my nephew, twenty-five, he was listening to music, on the couch, kissing his girl, a shitty music by the way, all battery and tum-tum-tum, the girl at least was sexy, tattooed, black hair, babyface …but for the rest, passive!

Here they are my grandchildren and their friends, I watch them: listening to music, reading, studying, playing video games, fucking, sports, they are all athletic people, I have to admit it. They go out, they drink, but you put a gun on their hands, you send them to war, and they are there, standing still, frozen, they act like idiots, they just don’t shoot each other!

There is no way to make them shoot in battle! How many times have we tried? A dozen times! Nothing to do! It is the same every time! There is no way to wage war! And it is the same for the ones in the special forces: fully armed, arrayed, millions of dollars in tanks and planes, logistics, preparing for months, and when it comes to the shooting part: never a shot! They don’t make one dead man!

How can it be possible? Bunch of idiots! They do not die, they do not kill! There they are, looking at themselves because they feel great looking wearing all that equipment, but they only start backslapping and laughing. And that’s all!

There is not one that shoots today, all over the world! I was hoping at least in the Middle East, they would have to wake up … nothing to do! As long as there was the old guard bombs departed kinda easily and gunfire, that was great! There were also those who were blowing themselves up… do you remember, right? What a sight!

And the Jews? How many were killed? And the beheadings? What heroism! And now nothing! They stay there armies in front of each other, they start with some battle cry, but like the ones you hear in the stadium, some choir, they don’t even know exactly what the hell they are saying, and that’s it! They tease each other a bit, and quickly get tired, as the beers finish, they go home. No war. Not a single shot, not even one! Not even by mistake.

We thought the solution would have been to send the drones! The drones! To kill someone, some ‘human scum, or some good people, as you prefer, in order to create a little hate, gain respect, start dominating … no big pretensions… but! Even so, there was nothing but trouble!

Suddenly there are no longer engineers willing to build weapons! Nothing to do about it! They started offering twice the salary of others, then three times, then ten times! You would have become rich cooperating! Nothing to do! No one accepted it. Can you believe that? In the end they decided to halve the salaries of all other engineers.

It is necessary to have war, isn’t it? No! Nothing to do! They built bridges, houses, space ships, silos, machinery, everything except the weapons! No one wants to know anything about killing anyone! Weaklings!

I can’t stand them! Them, doing nothing but eating, drinking, studying, and fucking! I’d like to slap them from morning to night! When will you become men, I say? WHEN?! I shout! No effect! They make me insane! They shrug, and they continue as if I had said nothing.

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