A Collection of Spanish False Friends, for English Speakers (and vice-versa)

This is a collection of words compiled while giving Spanish language classes in High School. By now, there are 148 entries; I will keep updating the content according to new “discoveries”.

In GREEN the Spanish word
In RED: its English false friend

*** Indicate a fundamental Spanish word
** Indicate an important word
* Indicates a less used word, still fun to include, and worth of consideration Continue reading “A Collection of Spanish False Friends, for English Speakers (and vice-versa)”

The Tattoos Collection

I had never liked tattoos, and I never wanted them, but not for religious reasons based on the absurd prohibitions of the King James Bible, Leviticus 19:28, Corinthians 6: 19-20, Revelations 19:16, and so on. I am not religious. On the contrary, I am an atheist and a humanist. I simply did not understand their meaning, nor see their attraction, and why one would decide to paint himself like that, spending big money on it! It is paying for an indelible stain, indelible, yet at the same time, fading after a few years. Plus, once they became fashionable, I began to really hate them with the intensity that characterizes me in everything I do and think. Continue reading “The Tattoos Collection”

A Guide for the Usage of the Italian word: “Cazzo”, for English Speakers (With a Brief Final Note on Italian Blasphemy)

I normally do not like/indulge-in profanities, but I love languages, in all their parts, so let’s go on with this topic that, though it may appear an exaggeration, is an important one, that even allows a glimpse of Italian culture. Continue reading “A Guide for the Usage of the Italian word: “Cazzo”, for English Speakers (With a Brief Final Note on Italian Blasphemy)”

The Man Who Enjoyed Making Things ǝƨiwiяaяtиoↃContrariwise

Maybe just a few -but more likely no one else- were more ingenious than the one who liked to call himself: “the man who makes things contrariwise,” or the “retropoietic man”, or the “inversafacitor” and other wacky names typical of Classical construction and tradition.
He liked to propose himself as an alchemist, inventor, visionary, artist; completely unknown is his identity, though. Continue reading “The Man Who Enjoyed Making Things ǝƨiwiяaяtиoↃContrariwise”

A Brief History Of The Honesty Machine (Dystopian Short Story)

During the first half of the twenty-first century, corruption was such a global problem, and its effects were so devastating, that it was necessary to study -and find- an effective measure to limit its spread and the resulting damages. Continue reading “A Brief History Of The Honesty Machine (Dystopian Short Story)”

The TMAK Unit

Unprecedented profusion and speed in the history of the Imperial Democratic Minting and Printing Ministry! Posters carpeted the streets of the capital New Aachen outward to those of the smaller Teutonic villages. But only in the capital was it possible to admire the largest of them, the pride of national factories, which  had been continuously snorting vapors for thirty years. Continue reading “The TMAK Unit”