A Brief History Of The Honesty Machine (Dystopian Short Story)

During the first half of the twenty-first century, corruption was such a global problem, and its effects were so devastating, that it was necessary to study -and find- an effective measure to limit its spread and the resulting damages. Continue reading “A Brief History Of The Honesty Machine (Dystopian Short Story)”

The TMAK Unit

Unprecedented profusion and speed in the history of the Imperial Democratic Minting and Printing Ministry! Posters carpeted the streets of the capital New Aachen outward to those of the smaller Teutonic villages. But only in the capital was it possible to admire the largest of them, the pride of national factories, which  had been continuously snorting vapors for thirty years. Continue reading “The TMAK Unit”

The Chain

A chain, black like lead, is extended through the universe, through space and time, immutable, eternal, straight; it does not curve, nor move, it always occupies the same position, neither does it expands or contract, it is not seen, ever, distorted, whatever the speed at which it is observed, it is not subject to laws beyond its own.  Continue reading “The Chain”

A Doomed Planet

Some dreams seem to be like “radio” transmissions, or waves that reach you almost as alien messages, perceived at first as gibberish, then decoded unconsciously, some in pictures, others in keywords, or in a complicated concept, about which we remember only the conclusion, or vague impressions upon waking. Sometimes they leave you with a strange sense of anguish. Continue reading “A Doomed Planet”