Dante’s Pills: The Eagle (and USA)

downloadDante Alighieri in his Paradise (VI) explains his absurd and delusional vision about human history (sorry), that still persists nowadays for some of us: history not only makes sense, but, in spite of all the wrong choices and errors made by men with their free will, it is guided by God himself! Necessarily!

The symbol of God and his power on history is the Eagle, which cannot be defeated; sooner or later, it will triumph and prevail over those who oppose it: Guelph and Ghibellines, or the “lilies of France”, etc.

All started with Enea, founder of Alba Longa, hero escaped from Troy after its fall, then finally, the Eagle stopped in Rome, its principal and natural seat; it passed through Augustus and Tiberius (under whose empire Christ died), until the end of the Roman Empire, when it is forced to move to Byzantium with Constantine, and stayed there with Justinian. Then it changed again and continued to Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire, and so on.

There is a legitimate power in history, that is the power of God himself, his sign is the Eagle, and now, who knows what Dante would think today, when with their bald eagle, the United States could claim to govern and rule in the name of his same Christian God; They have won against the imposture of the Nazi eagle, they fight against the infidels of Muhammad. It would be interesting to have the opinion of the Poet on this, the only one that would be relevant.

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