We cling as infamous, but harmless, ivy parasitic creatures, to the most perfect ones that Nature has ever developed. We are exploring the world one last time as we send this message. Humanity does not count anymore! What is hated by the universe nobody remembers!

We proceeded bold and cocky into the dense vegetation of an intricate and ancient jungle, made of asphalt and bricks; our speed was at least of six knots per second, equivalent to more than mach 3; the mighty Indian elephants, made of hardened steel, smashed the giant crystal pistils of all the inflorescences of the urban underworld, subjecting the Congolese sherpa’s necks to more than ten G accelerations, by moving their infinitive legs.

Everything was collapsing! Anyone would be dead, crushed, and die even sitting on that precarious wicker baskets, except us! The intrepid explorers of an era of desert peace! We, the only spectators of a legendary triumph!

The heat was weakening the minds of the few remaining; the senior veteran, Colonel Pincketon, with his abrupt antiquated machinery and detectors, fumbling with all sorts of newfangled gadgets, insisted to inform us that the temperature exceeded 110 degrees Farenetti, that there was the actual risk of the melting of our orthotic gelatin skins, that it was necessary to abandon the ship, that the Lord had condemned us. All this was not important anymore! He had not figured it out yet!

He knew everything that an oil explorer needs to know, and now all this was totally unnecessary: needless at least as much as the blade of his saber, ridiculous and degraded to be a sparkling wines bottle opener. It was burning, glittering on the khaki uniform, as if it was the dawn sun of Jupiter, and shined from inside the sheath, burning, with its red-hot color of a hateful ripe fruit, the eyes of anyone, but the dark glossy eyes in super-hard plastic of the magnificent Proboscidea.

The roar of the back  legs of the animals was unbearable for everyone, and we talked with gestures, we screamed deaf, we mimed, soaked in sweat, filled with joyful and desperate tears.

Swaying on the unbreakable metal mesh, also hardened and reinforced, the cardan neo-elephants were snorting fragrant and mysterious soot from their rack trunks, also expelling sulfur and aromatic chemical excrement from their shiny and nondeformable rears. No one, no one in the world could never bend or injure those mastodons transanimalized, mighty, invincible, omniscient.

What a beasts! What wonders! What an honor to be transported, by smuggling them, out to conquer the universe out to the sidereal and astral space!

A mechanical, and extraordinarily powerful bellow announced to the desert of the world our departure. No one knew, no one testified except us, perhaps the last remaining, but revenge was finally accomplished: the elephants were the masters of the universe and they will fear no more rivals, killings, to be trophies, no gold rushes. They all had lost: Mack, Freud, Jung, Heisenberg, Einstein, Bhor, everyone!

The gnarled curves of their diecast turbo-backs froze for the expansion cooling of gas, while the burnished steel turbo-butts pushed up, up towards the sky those beasts of unprecedented might and wisdom.

The immense halls of the ears were dispersing a huge amount of heat moving with majestic slowness, and first the long, shiny, white and immaculate tusks pierced the unknown horizon.

They’ll never get lost! The spatial compass directs the singing of their sinuous and nimble trunks, composed of precious flexible flakes the color of anthracite, to the cold stars to colonize.

Their fast and powerful song is dinning the entire universe. Goodbye world, goodbye land full just of cockroaches. Finally! The elephants, flying, go out of here!

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