He Has Arrived! Part II

He Has Arrived! 7

– 1: So, basically, if we get to talk about my specialty, subatomic physics, you will know more than me…

– 2: And if we talk about mine, with American hops, you will make a better beer…

– 3: And if we speak of my field, history, you know everything…

– 1: That’s interesting, no?

– 3: Really!


He Has Arrived! 8

– 1: Stop blaming me! I know he is a killjoy!

– 2: He does not stop to harass…

– 1: I only saw him first, because you were in the bathroom… what I can do about that!

– 3: Ah, I do not invite him…

– 1: No one has invited him…

– 3: But this is his home, eh… to be honest…

– 2: Well, he is a bore anyway!


He Has Arrived! 9

– 2: Is there a way to get out of this dump?

– 1: I’m not sure…

– 3: I’ve tried, but here I am…

– 2: So I’ll have another Martini…

– 1: Come on! God is inviting!


He Has Arrived! 10

– 3: You can believe?

– 1: What?

– 3: For decades, they battered all neighborhoods with God … God this, God that, but I say decades? Millennia! And look here, now that he shows up, at last, nobody cares!

– 2: Is this your problem?

– 3: Not at all… I was just saying… They all are drunk, look what decomposed and vulgar dances.

– 1: Well, they have always been pedantic and arrogant… and now they are also possessed.

– 3: Look what an indecency! All with their genitalia outside, and he is sobbing!

– 2: I do not feel any sympathy! He is the one who made them so retarded!


He Has Arrived! 11

– 2: What are you looking at?

– 1: God!

– 2: You seem perplexed…

– 1: I’m disappointed!

– 2: And what did you expect? You don’t remember how the world is?


He Has Arrived! 12

– 1: Another jubilee julep? There is nothing better with this scorching heat.

– 3: The house cocktail? I prefer not… It makes me sick.

– 2: What the hell kind of name is that for a cocktail, but tomorrow I will not work, I want to be late and get drunk!

– 3: No one works tomorrow.

– 1: This party seems to never end…

– 3: Now that we know who pays, it seems almost ugly to take an advantage… with that white beard, he seems so good and naive, to the point of being defenseless.

– 2: Don’t worry, he has money, do you know how much his fan club earns?

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