It’s Christmas again!

The best part of Christmas is to be the most ruthless, cruel and unscrupulous period of the year. Strong emotions, for connoisseurs!

A still quite aggressive and unjust society, so aggressive and unjust that even those who could be advanced by a change prefer to leave it as it is, just to have the chance to overcome and oppress someone one day, for two weeks pretends to be different, inevitably falling into the trap of confirming what it is.

The exception doesn’t prove the rule, does not weaken it even, the exception only emphasizes that the rule (otherwise quite hidden from its own repetition) is there!

At Christmas, you are not forced to pretend that everything is different from how it normally is, you want to pretend it! As the crow who disguises itself as a peacock, you like it, and none are deceived and the reality does not change.

At Christmas, nothing more than cruelty and ruthlessness of the human world is shining, in the affirmation of the “goodness”.

It is during Christmas that, not muffled but highlighted, shine the differences in social status, class, economic power of each.

There are decorations for some and decorations for others, on small and ugly houses, or on spacious and beautiful houses. Thus enlightened, they really reveal who is who…

Christmas does not make people closer to each other, but further.

Happy children, happy children with little, happy children with much, unhappy and mangy children in all situations.

Waivers, accounts, calculations, frenzy, moral and social obligations, waste, abundance. People discuss nervously, but softly, in the families, they make some mistake buying something, they will repeat the mistake, maybe year after year.

Fit all the puzzle of what to buy into the wallet! Gifts come to those who do not need it! Flattery! Public money and dinners, colleagues who hate each other, piled together to devour sandwiches. Gift to the wife, gift to the lover, a fuck with the spouse, a fuck with the lover. Queues, noise, stressed females, who complain of getting stressed, but who’d never give up, headache, drugs, gifts and blindness to the recipients of a customary affect!

All this is pure pleasure! Complaining about this, is part of the game. How can you not love this flooded delirium?

The desserts are disgusting! Here it is! A record that you will not listen to, a scarf you will not wear, a bottle that will be regifted to others and so on, until its final and appropriate social location, where it will finally be uncorked, in joy and dialect, the abominable sweet sparkling wine!

Calories from times of war! Nutty and pimples. Boredom everywhere! Music! Classical Music! Classical music for everyone! You go to the theater. Waltz, waltz, waltz, opera, Italian Baroque. Violinists smile, but despise everyone. They are better than others… them! They know how to play the violiiiiiine!

Even the sincere affection, at some point, becomes a curse stuck between the teeth.

It is at Christmas that you can easily see how many poor people there are among us. It is the time to do math. Feeling lucky, thank God, or feel good and quite capable. … If the Born Divine prefers us, it is because he made us better than others! In short, tautologies are wasted!

If you steal at Christmas, you will not end in jail. And if you go there, you’ll feel like in a movie.

But it is also the time to feel generous, noting how little we do care for the rest of the year, to be and to feel in this way.

A small emotion, of a little intensity, is generosity, it must be said. Nobody is attractive or gets married for being generous! No one falls in love with generosity, you might die alone in a hospice with your generosity to this ungrateful world. This told to me by the devil himself once, perhaps in a dream. We all, wisely, prefer safe sex! With diamonds, not with condoms!

Someone wins “the race”, extremely snobbish, someone loses it, fortunately there are those who lose… the more there are, the better! Many still scrape through, they consume the right amount to keep the machine going.

We get drunk. No one is happy! Except the children, if they have not well internalized the tenets of the world yet, but they are precocious nowadays, little bastards!

Christmas is so ruthless, that you cannot complain about it (or him), which is always better than the others, because it’s really funny, it keeps its promises. The price that it demands is just to be a mirror, to reflect what is done.

Christmas is so ruthless, that leaves room for everyone! A true master does not need to censor, it is not afraid of coups, no worries. It leaves a space for those who love it, who complain about it, who do not care, those who want to be profound or conformist, those who accept everything and do not discuss, those who “do not wish you a Merry Christmas anymore” because it is politically incorrect to do so, to heathens that make only the tree, or to the Christians who make only the Nativity, or the atheist who does not want religious symbols in school. Christmas does not touch the pauperism, the consumerist, the intellectual, the banal, the original. Ah, the most trivial of trivial people blame the “theater of the good feelings”. That’s deep! He walks around with the “original”.

King Christmas, the dictator, requires its statues and decorations, maybe? It laugh at those who scream for the waste. “Let’s we spend the money for the poor, not for the lights!” It laughs! “Give the money to the kennel!” it laughs! … It’s not it which obliges anyone to dress it like a king, is the subject that keeps himself in his role. It knows that there are no worse people and more false, than those who, for hate toward themselves, stage the brilliant recitation to love animals… The old man knows a lot!

No one is unprecedented at Christmas, no one is really relevant and important, not even the religion, who whines and is indignant, as if it was really the one who invented it. Christmas does not have fathers, now it is the father. If you want an excuse to love him, you’ll find it. If you want to be stupid enough to hate it for its cruelty, you can do it. It remains your father anyway.

Also I have found my reason to love it, in fact, its tremendous ruthlessness and indifference that makes everything understandable and clear for once.

Merry Christmas!

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