Lice (English Version)

Oh lice, for the defense of the rights of lice I am also willing even to kill lice!

Oh lice, we have to create the committee, we have to create the party, we have to create the union, in defense of the lice.

Come all to the louse party! Tonight!

The louse is me and I manage by myself! Repeat, lice friends! The louse is me and I manage by myself! The louse is me and I manage by myself!

My lousy religion forbids me to hate lice and to kill the lice.

I am a poor louse in sandals and rags I do not want lousy riches.

I fight for the revolution of the louse against the oppressor louse! Death to the rich louse and hurrah to the equality of the louse with the louse.

You forget the rights of the female louse.

The God of the louse, the Supreme Louse spoke to us and we have to kill all the lousy ones that do not recognize him as their God! Supreme Louse Akbar! The louse Prophet spoke!

The God of the louse has spoken to us instead! And just to us! And he told us to convert to his lousy words of all the lice who do not believe in him. Or kill them.

The louse should not eat meat on Fridays!

And … here it goes! The yellow-beige lice win two-nil!

The good louse sacrificed for us!

The lousy book is clear: the extermination of the louse is the consequence of the sins of the lousy louse!

Soon the end of the world will come! The sky will be cerulean … the Louse God will punish us! Repent if you please!

As a lousistic louse I believe that the louse should enjoy the ovulations of the female louse and not complicate his own lousy life with unnecessary fights between lice.

Lice brothers… what’s the problem? Let’s love our lousy neighbor as ourselves!

The end of history will be the realization of the emancipation of the lousitary masses!

Let’s celebrate! A new louse is born! Tomorrow we will baptize it in the name of the Lousy Lord!

Enjoy louse, enjoy life, there is no certainty of tomorrow!

Heresy! Blasphemy! You all do not think about the soul of the lice! Who has to go into the paradise of the louse! There is not only a lousy matter in the lousy world!

There are virgin lice in paradise! In the Lousy Prophet’s paradise!

The hedonist louse is right! But we should reach the equality between lice before!

It can only be reached by the end of lousistic capitalism!

No! It can only be reached by free trade of lousy goods.

It’s better having the poor lice jumping from one hair to another without meaning, rather than giving a subsidy to them.

Lice are not all equal! Some of them are better than others!

Do not raise the minimum wage for lice!

Intellectual lice cannot stand all of you stupid lice anymore!

You lice, you only see the beam in the eye of the fellow louse, but you do not perceive the hair in your own eye.

Lice are talkers, but it’s the macaroni that fills the belly of the louse, not the words!

To the weapons liceworkers!

To the weapons lice believers in the Lousy God!

To the weapons lice believers in the Lord of Lice!

Everybody quiet! Only lousy science can fulfill the needs of the common louse.

The climate is changing oh lice! It is pointless to fight against each other!

Soon we will all die if we do not find a cure for the Paranix meteorite that is going to crash into the world of lice …

The louse will end in the way that the Lousy God has decided for the louse …


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