Prehistory of Gominola

A world still young and turbulent, pale and soft, the engorged full moon drips of its too abundant custard; it trickles into a clear oriental sapphire sky, shaping its violet tasting crystallized blue caramel with bright new yellow yolk stars. 

They are reflected on the placid, unmoving surface of the citron and lemon gelatin lake, mute and inert, surrounded by huge dinosaurs of cookie and gingerbread quietly grazing on cotton candy herbs and flowers. A sudden and violent upheaval shatters the peace, breaking everything, it is not uncommon in a childlike world; the tectonic wafer is broken again, and from the sweet oven of the earth, a delicious lava of cherry and strawberry erupts, it shoots high into the sky and cascades down onto coffee and cocoa porcini mushrooms and truffles, flavoring them further; avalanches of boulders of candies of a thousand colors roll down from all sides, the earthquake brings nothing but goodness!

The orographic pancake rises by a few centimeters; the vertiginous peaks are covered with white fondant. Further downstream, the entrances to the caves of hazelnut and crunchy buds are already covered with mountain cream; Even where the placid rivers of jam, orange, melon, and raspberry slow, the mango cataracts accelerate, the batido waterfalls crash, the twisty two-colored trunks of trees are almost overwhelmed by the weight.

The gigantic chantilly crater eyes of the lunar puff observe the scene from above, brushing against the broken and chipped peaks of the imposing yet friable waffle pillars of the almond cordillera; below, a solitary wolfshark of licorice and mint jelly howls against it from the dark and sparkling sea of cola; she smiles, quickly crosses the sugar talc powdered beaches of the south, splashes away and sinks beneath the sleepy and gummy horizon of the night.

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