Some Considerations on the Catholic Church, for American Readers

My dear American friends,

Don’t be duped by this “sweet smiling grandpa”: the Pope. He speaks now as a “social justice superhero”, he blames the minimum wage, the inequality of wealth, capitalism, and so on, but can he criticize, for example, some huge company such as McDonald’s?

Well, let me tell you something! As you all know McD pays $7.65 an hour to make hamburgers (in my state). But in the lands (where I come from, for example) where the Church hires people for different jobs, they pay FAR LESS than this! In Italy, in their schools, there have been people working almost FOR FREE for YEARS, with the hope only of getting a definitive contract… some day! The law permits that, they use that! NO scruples! Their tourist guides (it is a more difficult job than making hamburgers) are in occasion paid as little as something like 1.20 Euros an hour. YES! ONE EURO AND TWENTY CENTS AN HOUR! And if you get a degree in History, or so, as to say a better qualification, you can GET FIRED, since they would be forced to pay you more than that, and they prefer not to!

With them in charge, and, so to say, with the “king Pope” in charge, we would just STARVE to death! DO NOT TRUST HIM! So I say: Dear Pope Francis, have a cup of shut the fuck up!

Something else you may not know! Because of the strange system we use to finance them, they get a part of the whole of Italy’s tax revenue as a contribution (8×1000, so it is called). Every year the Church takes (at the cost to us citizens) something like Euros. Yes! MORE THAN ONE BILLION goes to the Church, for a population (of clergymen) of approximately 50 thousand people!

Ah! And this is just what they get from the Government, doing nothing, then you have to add all they get for each funeral (may be 200 Euros), marriages (even more), baptisms (let say 100-150-200 Euros?), benedictions in Easter (20 to 50 Euros in EACH HOUSE they manage to get into), all the offers in EVERY Mass, all the donations, all the legacies, and so on.

They take A LOT, and they pay AS LITTLE as they can! Another example: in Italy they received a legacy (from an idiot) a big company, the FAAC, the bishop is now FIRING PEOPLE and moving to Bulgaria! They possess ONE THIRD of the real estate of Italy TAX FREE!!! They own TWO THOUSAND BILLION estates all over the world!

But! If they could not pay you at all for your work, they would just NOT PAY YOU! Because they live in the Middle Ages, and they just resist and adapt as little as necessary to modernity since they are forced to do so. But they are a feudal system, and like any other feudal system, it is a pyramid, and they use, and they want to use, slavery!

That is how it works: FOR REAL! All the rest is just BULLSHIT! For your money, you will get nothing but words, and with them the new Frankie invented the consolation that your beloved pet will be with you in Heaven! So nice!

So, again, and again, and again, DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY from that organization! DO NOT TRUST THE SMILING POPE! Church is MUCH WORSE than Mc Donald’s! It has always been, it will always be! If you want to believe in God, of course it is a great choice, but you do not need any Church! And especially the Catholic Church!

Let’s finish by recalling that a way to “feed the Church” in Italy is a “gift”, and they received one from one of the worst politicians of the indubitably worst generation of politicians that ever existed in history! People who, in my opinion, should have been condemned for high treason. And he was the same guy who became famous because he “stood” against the US Army in the sad case of the Achille Lauro ship. Of course, that traitor politician ended his life living in Algeria, with the Muslims he defended and preferred to the Western World.

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