The Anticipator

In his mind, he was able to anticipate events within a few seconds. This was the conclusion of which, inexplicably, all converged, and there was little else to say.

At first, friends started with simple pranks and jokes: “you give us bad luck!”, and things like that. He was saying: “watch your glass”, and a few seconds later it was on the floor, “answer the phone” and it started ringing, etc. But when the incidents multiplied, all were stunned.

At some point, even the ideas multiplied too, and people were captured by greed; there were attempts and attempts, but nobody could get anything concrete from such a brief anticipation of future events: no betting or lottery numbers, for example, and not even roulette or blackjack. Nothing at all! Since sometimes the advance warning was so short as to not even give him the time to talk and communicate it. It also appeared in a random manner, frequently, yes, but in a unmanageable way, for practical purposes.

The phenomenon, however, was considered of great interest to science. Scientists conducted many tests, studied the results, but they came to no definite conclusion, nor authentic explanation. Indeed, once they confirmed the authenticity of the phenomenon, they merely said something obvious and evident like: the brain of the subject lives in a “advanced” state of that of the perceived reality, etc. etc.

Curious, however, was his end.

One day, attacked by a thug on the street, under threat of a popgun, he had a fatal heart attack.

He did not seemed to suffer previously from heart problems, indeed, certainly not!

According to the most likely reconstruction, he did not have a certain vision of the assault and its harmlessness, but on the contrary, during the attack, being already in a state of deep agitation, he had a clear vision of his corpse lying in the street a few seconds later.

He was so frightened by the vision that, in all the excitement and horror, he had no way to notice that his lifeless body showed no blood stains, and there were no holes or burns from gunshots, and that the criminal would not have shot him.

The terror felt before the sight of his own end was so intense as to trigger, by itself, that violent heart attack that was the very unique cause of his death.

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