The core of my idea on the false dichotomy Science-Religion

There is no real opposition between science and religion.

And that is not because if you want to believe in something, you can believe it, despite all evidence, and go on and on believing what you want to believe. Nor because there can be “conciliatory theories”. But because science really does not give a damn about what religion says.

Science goes on, uses its methods, discovers new things, improves, and builds new worlds, while religion (its followers) would like to engage an absurd fight nobody else cares about.
Actually, it is so pathetic to observe now: it is like seeing a small dog with an itchy ass, barking at a giant lion who does not even realize the existence of the other animal.

If someone wants to believe, he can. He can believe what he wants, but that has nothing to do with science. Many scientists also believe in something that science cannot prove. There is no problem in it, until you choose not to find an absolute coherence with what you want to believe and what science says, and you’re determined to impose upon others by teaching your belief as “science” when it is not.
In that case, until now, the same thing has always happened: science prevails and disproves religion! Period!

And, in fact, what before “was crucial”, to prove science wrong, suddenly has no importance at all anymore. “The sun cannot have dark spots”; once, if you said the contrary, you could be punished, but now: “Oh, yes, it has dark spots! But that does not change anything: God made it anyway!”
If the matter was so important before as to torture and condemn people… why does it “not change anything” later?

The same story repeated again, and again, and again, for centuries! Now, one of the few (very few) remaining arguments regarding the “centrality” and “specificity” of humans and their planet, and the presence of a “Creator with a unique plan, a gift and special design for them”, is that: “There are no others like it”, meaning other planets with life.
But if one day extraterrestrial life will be discovered, the same people who now say: “If life is not a unique gift from God, how is it possible that the Earth is the only place where life exists? Checkmate!” will then simply say: “This does not prove or disprove anything.”

Because science and religion are not in a fight, science goes on and religion does not, science is right and religion is not, and that’s all! And nobody who is curious to know what science says gives a damn about what a priest says, but everybody can believe, and keep believing, whatever they want to believe.

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