The Delicacies of Monsieur De L’Hororeé, Part II

The Soldier

For those who love the wild game should be noted the flesh of the soldier, returning home from the war campaigns. As you know, the best meat for certain robust recipes is that of individuals who have lived an adventurous life and who have escaped many dangers; especially if they are taken when they believe they have overcome the worst.

Of course this is no longer as easy as it was in the past, to get people like that, while at the time of Napoleon it was extremely easy merchandise to find, but also with the ones returning from the Maginot Line, there were plenty of opportunities to catch this fresh wild game. It’s a recipe, anyway, that should be in store in view of possible new wars. Why exclude!? it is good to know it.

The soldier, however, should be treated properly and bled. Stuck in a kind of barrel or very long and narrow bushel, so that it cannot move, it should be entirely covered with grape pomace (if not in season, you will have to use –big problem!- barley soaked in wine) and left to “rest” until death will overtake it.

A healthy soldier and full of zest for life, especially if luckily returning home to his family and little children, may last several days before perishing, only feeding himself with grape marc, that will purge it for good.

If it is true that usually the prey should be killed by surprise, without being aware of it, not to sour the flesh, this is not the only recipe in which it is much better to do the opposite. In this case we look for a strong flavor, decided to combine with a rare red and full-bodied wine, maybe mixed with blood, and the effect is guaranteed.


Beer Shin

Take the shin of a great German beer drinker and choose him as a fat as a monk, or even directly a true monk. Cut it off from the rest of the leg, remove and throw the horrible male socket (only female feet are edible) lard it and prepare it as a common roast for the pan.

A light marinade, some selected spices to taste, Parmentier potatoes, or tapioca tubers and varied roots, and you have a delicious and simple dish, suitable for less developed palates, a substantial and pleasant interlude in a quiet afternoon of merriments from the cellar, flirtations and tastes of dark beer.

Obviously it is not necessary to kill the Teutonic in order to remove the shins. However, with the great wealth of fat and big beer drinkers that the old Alsace produces, why should we have any scruples and not take advantage of the rather copious grease in disposition to make good soap? They would do the same!


Assassinated Guest

The meat of guest treacherously murdered always gives excellent results. You do not know the exact reason (we only formulate imaginative speculation), but the one procured on nights of the new moon, when the sky is dark and gloomy, is the best. The processing procedure is not important in this case: whether fricassee, roast, stew, or spit does not matter, you will still receive an excellent dish. Provided that the murder is done ​​at the table, while amiably chatting, and you are tasting refined wines and liquids and conviviality is unattainable. An expert stab from behinds and you are done; there will be guaranteed meat for the next dinner.

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