The Delicacies of Monsieur De L’Hororeé, Part III: Brain of an Atheist

Brain of an Atheist

A simple recipe, but still sublime, for true sybaritic!

You require an atheist (a true atheist) and rather better if an erudite one. Chop off the head and open the skull, let air out for a few minutes and then return to cover it up.

Steamed in a water bath so that nothing would affect the natural flavor of the organ. The face and the rest of the meat should not be touched, they are inedible, should be savored only the brain “au naturel”.

If you appreciate a complete, but very yummy, lack of flavor, lightness, reminiscent of paradise. It’s like putting in your mouth spoonfuls of “nothing”, you will appreciate a void, a lack of details, that really have no equal in the kitchen.

The less used to the consumption of brain, may season it with citrus, but I would prefer to invite at my table people who are able to appreciate and do not spoil some refinement.

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