The Delicacies of Monsieur De L’Hororeé, Part IV

Feet of a virgin

As has been mentioned, the only edible foot is the one of a virgin female.

This is very renowned, but difficult to achieve. Contrary to what you may believe, the age in this case is in favor: the more adult the virgin is, the best quality and the success of the dish.

Certainly it is not easy to find adult virgin women, however there are particular regions in which they are found specimens of more than twenty-five, even thirty. Small towns of central Italy (we especially recommend the Ascoli Piceno region), unexpectedly refractory to hedonistic culture and pleasures of the flesh.

Unfortunately societal changes make the virgins more and more rare, but fortunately it does not matter the reason of advanced virginity, if culture, coldness, loneliness, ugliness; their feet will still be excellent.

It is advisable to cut and cook them in a hurry. Where virginity is a cultural value, the amputation will help the family to keep the child pure for quite some time yet, or even for a life.

A cruel and barbaric custom in ancient times called for the slow cooking of the feet before the removal of the anatomical part from the lady. This practice, which was strongly claimed by Restif de la Bretonne, a large consumer of this delicacy, has to be completely eradicated, it is reprehensible, it has no effect on the taste but it fills the house with horrible screams of pain. Even the Enlightenment had something good to say!


On neonates

Many shun baby meat for ethical reasons. At first it would be understandable: chop off such a helpless life! But the world is bent to cruel rules, unfortunately! This is an unexceptionable observation and should be fully internalized. Does nature perhaps save the little ones from the dead and horrendous evils? Accidents? Predation? Life, unfortunately, is nonsense! In addition, the procurement of children is the most ethical hunting: they can be bought directly from parents. How sad to see two poor people forced by poverty to sell the offspring! But not cooking them will not prevent them from having a short and miserable life.

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