To Beer, or not… To Beer!

Water taken in moderation cannot hurt anybody.
(Mark Twain)

(An odd ode to Beer)

I am always drinking beer,
Every time across the year.
I drink many without fear,
And I always keep one near.
I drink… I forget Maria,
I drink… I might ignore Lea.
I drink it to close a deal,
an’drink others with my dear,
Many more are with King Lear,
Yeah, I drink and shake’a’spear.
I drink when I hunt a deer,
I drink driving my John Deer,
I drink guiding all my steer,
From the prairies to the sear.
I drank all without a tear,
Through my whole and long career.
Well, humanity needs beer,
To put up with all his fear,
Vikings needed lots of beer
To sail far across the sea,
Mr. Bergman needed beer
For his famous Seventh Seal.
And the Romans gobbled beer,
To rule over the hemisphere.
Beer drink all the brigadiers,
Beer drink all the musketeers,
Beer drink all the bombardiers,
Even up the stratosphere,
Beer drink all the bandoleer,
Beer drink all the pamphleteers,
And for me, my friends and queers,
I will always chug my beers.

La poesia che son capace,
Assai spesso non mi piace,
È la stolta cavolata,
Di una mente anchilosata.

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